16 June 2023

List of Couples Who Run or Ran a Business Together

(1) Patricia and Mel Ziegler, Founders of Banana Republic.

He was a journalist, she was a graphic designer (if I remember correctly).

Their Book Wild Company about how their started and sold Banana Republic

Video interview about their story: Dean Steve Coll in Conversation With Co-founders of Banana Republic

(2) Marie Martens and Filip Minev from Tally

He does the tech, she does the marketing.

Their Blog: Tally.so

The Indiehackers Podcast Interview

(3) Eric Turner and Manami from Japan-dev

He's a software engineer and the founder, she is the designer.

The Indiehackers Podcast.

Their About page

(4) Liz and Lukas Hermann of Stagetimer

I don't know yet who does what.

I should listen to the Indiehackers Podcast episode.

(5) A game-developing couple

This couple built their first game together and put it on Hacker News.