5 Oct 2023

List of Mini-adventures

(1) Wild Camping in a forest, or mountain

Something we often did in the Pyrenees or Alps on kayak trips.

I once saw a story of someone doing it in the Zonienwoud, a massive forest though very close to Brussels.

(2) Sleep where the cat sleeps

Quote: For example, the researcher’s journal often described feelings of excitement and adventure in not knowing where she would be sleeping that night. Notably, there were also many new discoveries as the researcher was given the opportunity to reexamine her own dwelling from a completely different perspective

From Hacker News

(3) Walk before sunrise (preferably to a mountaintop)

(4) Run-commute at 5am through the city to a Starbucks near the metro

I used to do this and it's a great way to get to know the city, wake up, and run a long distance without seeing the same things twice.