25 Nov 2021

Hotel Remote

The future is:


Globally distributed companies pay in crypto. Paying content creators, artists, freelancers, ... is piece of cake.

The gig economy increases to unprecedented levels. Everyone has multiple sources of income.

Digital scarcity through NFTs allows book sellers to go direct to consumer. Authors, journalists and news websites get paid by uploading crypto to your browser, depending on your time spent on their website or the number of articles read.


Everything requiring deep work will be remote. Product building will be remote. Coworking spaces will thrive, they compete on design, layout, vibe and community.

VR work:

We won't need an external monitor anymore. We don't even need a screen or keyboard anymore. We'll work in VR.

Most of all, the future is being able to build and sell products. Product design, development and marketing are the skills of the future. Having all 3 skills makes you invincible.