11 Dec 2021

Disrupting Air Conditioning

Living in Thailand, Air Conditioning is part of daily life.

In Bangkok temperatures typically hover around 30 degrees with above 50% humidity.

But we love the outdoors.

We keep windows open and depend on natural breeze and ceiling fans to provide coolness.

This works up to a certain extent. On windless days, it becomes hot fast. And despite the ceiling fans, humidity makes you feel sticky.

When you switch to AC, you break with outdoor life. Close windows and doors. Replace noises from the street outside with noises from flowing air.

It changes the dynamic.

Richard Branson already launched an AC challenge (Though by now removed from his blog).

Here are two ideas:

1) Instead of ceiling fans, mimic natural ventilation by putting a large fan on one side of your house (next to a window), which creates an airflow through the house

2) Design new houses with chimneys, this creates a natural airflow.