6 Feb 2022

List of Favorite Books

The full list is on Goodreads.

It's so incredibly hard to make a selection. And my preferences change over time!

1. Non Fiction

1.1 Total Recall

You probably did something right if you were a world champion bodybuilding, a tier 1 actor, and a governor.

It's probably romanticed as it reads as fiction at times. Nevertheless it's a great story.

Total Recall

1.2 Open

The most personal biography I've ever read. It made me realise even top stars doubt themselves. The only other book which shows this vulnerability was Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (which was never intended to be read lest himself).

I hesitated to read this book as I have little affinity with tennis, but I absolutely don't regret reading it!

Agassi Open

1.3 The Beginning of Infinity

Finally an optimistic book about the future!

The Beginning of Infinity

1.4 Man's Search for Meaning

To learn the meaning of life...?

1.5 The Way of the Superior Man

Because life is more than work alone.

1.6 Wild Company: The Untold Story of Banana Republic

Best inspiration to start building a business with my spouse.

2. Fiction

2.1 The Bonfire of Vanities

So deep, so real. Not just a good guys versus bad guys story, but real people.

2.2 The Secret History

This one strongly resonated with me when I was a student.

2.3 The Shadow of the Wind

Such a magical story. Re-reading it now to find that magic again.

2.4 A Gentleman in Moscow

A story which made me smile. The protagonist is the best person in the world I'll ever meet.

2.5 Shōgun

Rough to get through the first few chapters, but after that the characters become larger than life and the story full of surprises.

2.6 Grand Hotel Europa

A piece of art about love, tourism, immigration, Europe, ... And on top of that it's hilarious.

2.7 Cryptonomicon

Similar to Shogun it's rough in the beginning, but it's great to read a book where all the pieces of the puzzle come together so magically at the end.

2.8 1Q84

Yes, with a Q

Weird, but nevertheless, I couldn't put it down

2.9 Wild Swans

More or less covers the history of China for the last 100 years through a personal story. Helped me understand how China became what it is today.