30 January 2023


How would my 100 year old self look back on my decisions?

What would he like my principles to be, for the rest of my life?

My grandfather died saying he had a fantastic life. I want to look back when I’m about to die and tell my grandchildren I had a fantastic life.

So what is a fantastic life?

A fantastic life is one that brings me closer to my goals, and helps me live according to my principles.

The Goals are what you're reading below.

The Principles are here.

List of 10 goals:

(1) At the end of the line, I can say I had a fantastic life, because I made each and every day into a fantastic day. A fantastic day is a day which brings me closer to my goals.

(2) coming soon

(3) I will build an online business, focus on helping people, and re-invest in an offline business, a lifestyle business embracing fun and adventure, or a technology business. A lifestyle brand, like fashion or hospitality or travel, travelling around the globe with my family for our brands.

(4) We surround ourselves with great people.

(5) I leave the world a place every day, by small like things like putting a smile on someone's face, or big things like helping adults or children to read or to program. I want to reach 1 billion people to leave the world a better place.

(6) 2 million euros should be sufficient to lead a comfortable life!

(7) Fit and healthy: kitesurfing, running, sailing, horseback riding, white water kayaking, skiing, ... and physical challenges, for example skiing the Haute Route.

(8) I will publish a semi-biographical novel

(9) A nomadic lifestyle, moving to a new, adventureous place every 3 to 5 years, while keeping a simple, thoughtful base place to live in Europe.

(10) coming soon