17 March 2022

Getting Positive Inputs

It's good to be informed, but you cannot solve all the problems in the world.

Similar with the news. You can't be informed on and worry about every dispute in the world.

To compensate I've created a list of things which provide uplifting news. Inspirational news sources. With strong examples.

The same for books. I try to read uplifting books, with inspirational protagonists. One of the reason I like biographies. But finding superhuman fictional protagonists works even better.

1. Magazines


Especially specials like 30 under 30

2. Newsletters

Key Values

3. Books

Gentleman in Moscow


4. Reddit

Made Me Smile

However ...

There is a limit to how far you can push it. When Russia invaded Ukraine, it's impossible to ignore, and not feel powerless.

No amount of good news can help that.

Lynne from Key Values described it perfectly in her newsletter:

"I always try to keep it light in my newsletters because we all have plenty of other places to read the news (or other people's takes on world events), but some weeks are more challenging than others. This is one of them."